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2014 Season is here! 

The 2014 Season is here! 

Training is starting soon! Give us a call to become an umpire!


Ed Smith 503-269-4210

Mike Grothe 971-533-5167 Ed Smith 

About SUA

Sports Umpires Association was started in 2002 by Ed Smith in a very peculiar way. Working a game at Waluga Park for a different association many years ago, Ed misplaced his hat and was in need of a new one to keep his Marine jarhead from burning up in the sun. A coach on an adjacent field was handing out some to his players and offered to lend one to Ed.  After  his game was completed, he went to return the hat to the coach. Ed noticed they were playing without an umpire. Needless to say, Ed went in and finished the last 3 innings for a grateful bunch of players, coaches, and fans. The President of Mt. Sylvania Little League was in attendance that day and approached Ed with an offer to umpire games for their league. One thing led to another and Ed was soon training new umpires for Mt. Sylvania, Wolf Creek, Beaverton, and Cedar Mill Little Leagues... SUA was born. SUA now recruits, trains, and supplies umpires for leagues all around the Portland amSalem area at all levels: College, High School, Babe Ruth, JBO and Little League. SUA believes that the game belongs to the players and coaches. We simply keep it between the chalk lines. Leagues enjoy the quality of our umpires, our outstanding attendance record, our hassle-free scheduling through reftown, and our accessibility. The ultimate goal for anyone involved in youth baseball is to have fun and prepare the kids for the next level.

The SUA Team

Ed Smith-Umpire-In-Chief 

Michael Grothe- assignor and trainer 

Sam Holtassignor and trainer

Jeff Golding- trainer

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